Police were called to a Miami home in reference to Benjamin Hayes Waters being under the influence of meth and having a resident held inside a bedroom.

MIAMI – A Miami man, Benjamin Hayes Waters, 33, was arrested and charged with drug possession of a controlled dangerous substance within 1,000 feet of a school or park.

According to the Miami Police report written by Officer Jeffrey Frazier, officers were dispatched at 2:24 a.m. on Dec. 31 to a residence at 64 D Street. The caller was contacted by a resident of the home and asked to call police in reference to Waters being under the influence of methamphetamine and having a resident held up inside her bedroom.

When Frazier arrived, Shannon Artusse, told the officer Waters was inside and tearing up the floor because he believed people were underneath the house.

“Shannon was upset, crying, and stated that she did not know what else to do,” Frazier reported. “Shannon told me Ben was in the bedroom.”

As Frazier walked toward the bedroom the door shut and he yelled out for Waters and grabbed for the door knob.

Waters answered from inside the room. Frazier tried to turn the knob but said there was resistance on the door but he managed to open it a little. He told Waters to open the door and he did.

Waters was standing with his hands in his hoodie pocket and Frazier told him to remove them.

“Ben did not move his hands, so I reached and grabbed his right hand with my left. I pulled his hand from his pocket while telling him to remove his hands," Frazier wrote. “When Ben removed his right hand from his pocket he was holding a clear Ziploc plastic bag that contained a white crystalline substance.”

The white substance was field tested and tested positive for meth.

Waters was place under arrest and transported to the Ottawa County Jail by MPD Officer Danny Morris for booking.

Artusse told police Waters had been on a meth high for a few days and that night had begun talking to himself and talking nonsense about his girlfriend being held hostage.

“Shannon said Ben kept running outside the house and stomping inside the house saying people were outside and under the house,” Frazier wrote. “Shannon said Ben started digging at the floor and trying to rip up the floor boards. Shannon showed me the floorboards that Ben was trying to pry up.”

Artusse told police she went to her bedroom and text a friend to call police.

Police processed the scene, photographing and packaging evidence and measuring from the residence to the corner of Riverview Park, which measured 853.24 feet.