MIAMI – Sandra Windle has a big smile and an even bigger heart, and a continued desire to pay kindness forward.

Windle works as a customer service representative at Rogers Insurance Center in downtown Miami and has been giving her customers' children early Christmas presents. Last year she gave away her stuffed animals she had collected for over 20 years as a random act of kindness in honor of Jonas Morgan, who died from complicated heart defects.

“This year, since I gave away all of my personal bears last year, Charlie and Patsy Rogers said they would like to do something similar every year,” Windle said. “I happened to come across 57 TY Beanie babies at a sale and bought them to give away up here. I didn’t really want the kids to know that they were all the same, so I personally made Christmas bags to put them in.”

The idea to give Christmas gifts to children coming in her office started for the “Jonas is Why” campaign, according to Windle.

The concept for the teddy bear giveaway came to Windle after her long time friend of 30 years, Brandi Morgan, inspired her to pay it forward. Morgan was a graduate of Miami High School and now resides in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Morgan's son, Jonas, was born April 8, 2011, with serious heart defects. Jonas lived for less than six hours but made a strong impact on the world. The main goal of the pay it forward efforts is to raise awareness about children who experience heart defects such as Jonas.

The Morgan family began giving out “Jonas Act of Kindness” cards in his memory for other people to pay it forward and learn his story. The Morgans', and Windle's acts of kindness continue now thanks to the Rogers.

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