MIAMI – A brutal stabbing in Miami left 35 year-old John L. Woods II of Sapulpa dead and 41 year-old Andrew Douglas Jones of Jenks under arrest.

According to Miami Police Chief Thomas Anderson, at 10:50 p.m. Monday evening dispatch notified officers of a stabbing at a residence at 2802 P NW.

According to the Miami Police Department when the reporting Officer Tony Morris arrived, Officer Hardin and Officer Sparks had arrived on scene and found James Thompson standing in the yard of the residence. He pointed them to the front door and told them Jones was inside and asked if an ambulance was on the way.

Morris entered the residence and saw a very large amount of blood all over the floor of what appeared to be the living area of the residence. Hardin was hovering over Woods applying pressure to a chest wound.

“At first glance I observed two puncture wounds to the stomach and a large laceration on his neck that started on the left side and went to the middle of his throat. As I was assessing the situation I noticed that Officer Sparks had a male subject on the floor and in handcuffs. He was later identified as Andrew Jones,” Morris wrote.

The police officers continued to assist Woods and assess another wound on Woods' throat while applying pressure with towels to stop the bleeding.

“As Officer Hardin and I were trying to render aid to Woods he kept flailing his arms and moaning. I called to EMS on my radio and told them we needed assistance right away. As Officer Hardin and I applied pressure to Wood's wounds, he slowly began to stop flailing. I noticed that his breaths were becoming shorter, as he was gasping for air,” Morris wrote.

EMS arrived and provided medical care to Woods, transporting him first to Integris Miami Hospital. He was then flown on to Freeman Hospital in Joplin where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at 12:28 a.m. by Dr. Burchele.

Witnesses at the scene, Mateo Rocha, and Thompson were both asked to leave the house and were interviewed by police.

Rocha told police both Woods and Jones had been drinking and Woods took a bottle of liquor from Jones and hit Woods on the chest.

According to Rocha, Woods told Jones to get out of the house and Jones left out the front door for a minute or two before returning through a kitchen door located on the south and east end of the house.

“Jones came in the living room and Woods told him to get out. Jones drew his hand back and hit Woods on the left side of his body. Rocha reported that when Jones pulled his hand back he could see that Woods was bleeding. Rocha also reported that was when he saw that Jones had a knife in his hand. Rocha said he told Woods that Jones had a knife and a scuffle ensued, “ Morris wrote. “Jones and Woods went to the floor. Rocha said he saw Jones take his knife and cut Woods' throat. He then saw Jones stab Woods two more times in the stomach area. Rocha said he was trying to pull Jones off Woods and was able to get the knife away from Woods. Rocha reported that as Jones was stabbing Woods he was telling him he was going to die. Rocha reported that he and Thompson was able to subdue Jones until police arrived.”

In a later interview with Thompson, he reported he was in his room when he heard Jones and Woods fighting. When he came out of his room he said he heard Woods tell Jones to leave. Thompson reported that it took a minute or two but Jones did leave and Thompson went back to his room and laid down. Thompson reported that a short time later he heard a crash in the other room so he ran out of his room to see what was going on.

“He saw Woods and Jones fighting on the floor and Woods was bleeding bad. He then saw Jones stab Woods two or three more times as he was on the floor. He said he and Rocha wrestled Jones off Woods and got the knife away from him and subdued him then they called 911,” Morris wrote.

Miami Police Sgt. Frazier set the crime scene and started a crime scene log then turned the scene over to Officer Morris. Detectives began working the scene and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation been called in to assist.

Jones was taken to the Ottawa County Jail and faces anticipated homicide charges.