FAIRLAND— The Fairland Board of Trustees went into executive session Thursday to discuss the possible termination of the employment of Corbey Christian, assistant chief of police.

Board member Lisa Jewett read the minutes after executive session and said that no votes were taken.

“Since he doesn’t want his employment back, I’ll make a motion to approve the termination,” Jewett said.

The board approved terminating Christian’s employment with the Town of Fairland effective immediately. He had been appointed to assistant chief in April by the board in a past meeting.

Town Attorney Eric Wade said the board is not legally allowed to discuss why he was terminated. Disclosure of information would violate the confidentiality requirements of state and federal law, pursuant to Title 25, Sections 307(B)(1) and 307(B)(7) of the Oklahoma Statutes.

Fairland police chief Aaron Richardson said he attended the new chief's training in Oklahoma City, which is required within one year of employment as chief. Topics included legal updates, civil liabilities, grant opportunities, open records law requirements and how to deal with stress.

While attending the training, Richardson received six free bullet resistant vests from the Oklahoma Association Chiefs of Police (OACP). He also received information on a program offered by an insurance company to first responders for free $5,000 life insurance policy.

“It’s a company called AFAD, and it’s an insurance company that offers free life insurance up to $5,000 for all first responders and there’s no strings attached,” Richardson said. “This came about after 9/11 when the firemen and police officers that perished at the Twin Towers, about half of their insurance policies were found that they would not be covered and their families didn’t have any life insurance.”

He also reported that a youth in town will be performing community service in the City Park.

The board also approved David Sergeant as a full-time officer of the Fairland Police Department effective Aug. 13.

“He’s an officer who has been with us for a while,” Richardson said. “He works in our schools, and he’s been working full-time hours for a couple of months now. I just need to make it official and get him certified with the state as a full-time officer.”

The board agreed to send a letter of opposition to Empire District Electric Company against the rate increase. Board member Charles Mathis said there is a petition of objection at the Fairland Senior Citizens Center and at Mr. D’s One Stop.

“Everyone, as individuals, needs to step up and inundate them with their objections,” Mayor Mark Goode said. “Each one of us needs to do our part to serve our community. We will make it easy and have a formal objection letter available at City Hall.”

The board approved the 2013-2014 Audit report presented by town auditor Bill Turner.

“We’re almost complete,” Turner said. “By the next meeting, I should have 2015 finished up and shortly thereafter, we’ll have 2016 hopefully presented in the December meeting at the latest.”

Turner notified the board that they need to appoint an assistant treasurer to assist with deposits.

The board approved of the request to withdraw $200 out of the Fairland Festival Days Account for the purpose of purchasing candy to be distributed at a booth at the Fairland Fall Festival Celebration on Oct. 31 at the City Park.

“The Town of Fairland will have a booth set up at the festival to give away candy on Halloween,” board member Lisa Jewett said.

The festival will also have inflatables, hot dogs, a bicycle giveaway and an outdoor movie. The movie will begin at approximately 7 p.m. or sundown. The Fairland Volunteer Fire Department and local churches and businesses are hosting the event.

The board approved of closing the Operation Welcome Warmth Bank Account and combining the monies into the Police Equipment Fund Account.

“The bank called and said that all of the signatories on this account are deceased or no longer here,” City Clerk Cheryl Pelham said. “It was only $55.08 and it’s donated money, so the logical place would be the police account. Since it was instigated by Tony Wiseley years ago, we thought it would only be right to be transferred to the police equipment fund since the bank wants to delete the account.”

In Public Works Authority (PWA) news, the board discussed establishing a timeframe for applying deposits to outstanding bills for gas, water and sewer accounts.

“It’s my understanding that we’re looking at a couple of things,” Wade said. “One is just a basic point in time that is incorporated into an ordinance where a deposit would be a flag against an outstanding bill. I guess right now, there is nothing in writing and Duane is looking for something that could provide him with guidance in the form of an ordinance on when that can be done.”

“Say you moved to Miami and don’t tell anyone or pay your last bill,” PWA superintendent Duane Bryant said. “You don’t want your deposit because your last bill is higher than your deposit. How long do we want to let that money lay there?”

Bryant recommended the board to establish a timeframe of 30 days from the meter shut off date and have the individual pay double the deposit amount for outstanding bills.

“You will apply the deposit 30 days after the meter is shut off to the outstanding bill,” Wade said.

The attorney will draft the ordinance to incorporate the new timeframe, which will be ready by the next meeting.

The board also approved Sarah Hopkins, Deborah Brodrick and Cheryl Pelham to attend the QuickBooks Pro Intermediate Class at the Northeast Technology Center in Afton at a registration cost of $325 for all three persons for a six week course.

— Kimberly W. Barker is a staff writer for the Miami News-Record. She can be emailed at kbarker@miaminewsrecord.com. Follow her on Twitter @MiamiNews_hound.