Losing is not an option...we are Wardogs, we are Norsemen, we are Oklahomans with a proud heritage! How did we get sidetracked from taking personal responsibility to being complacent in the presentation of our community to the outside world? Cars parked in yards, homes in disrepair, tall grass, and trash indicate that..."we don't show well," aka, we are losing the war on code enforcement.

What suggestions do you have for improving the "face" of Miami? How can we improve the appearance of our housing inventory in Miami? Reports show that crime and code enforcement issues go hand-in-hand. A shabby neighborhood welcomes a criminal element.

Recruiting professionals such as business owners, doctors, and educators to this area is being impacted because they want to live and raise their family in a safe and beautiful community.

One small, but important way to help improve our neighborhoods is to park only in driveways and along the curb, not in the yard. Parking in yards is against City code. Water Department Supervisor Mike Duniphin stated, "When citizens park in their front yard it has a widespread affect - such as driving over water meters and meter tiles destroying them, which are expensive to replace. It also kills the grass beneath the vehicle and causes ruts, which makes it difficult to mow.

Increase the value of your neighborhood and our community by parking in designated places.

Please contact my office at 918-541-2203 if you have suggestions on ways to improve our community.