Dear Editor

Recently I received a note on my front door from Officer David Wright of the Miami Police Dept. After speaking to him on the phone, he informed me that a yard ornament that I had reported stolen exactly 1 year ago to this month had been recovered.

Now not only was I excited about the fact that he had found it, I was even more impressed by the simple fact that I hadn't filled out a formal report. Just think about this for a moment, Officer Wright, whom I think I've only met the one time when he came by to discuss the stolen property, had retained a visual picture in his head of my stolen property for over a year. And he never saw it; I didn't have a photo of the large oak tree stump that I had carved a large "B" out on the front of it and had placed at the corner of my lot in the northeast part of Miami.

So many times we are quick to point out our local police officials when they do something wrong or at least questionable...

I, for one, think Officer Wright deserves recognition for going above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you! He could have just as easily driven right past the site where he noticed my big old stump with the "B" on it and went about his day. No, he went up to the door of the apartment where it was and questioned the college student who lived there. He believed that the student was not involved with taking it and told him that the rightful owner would be coming buy to pick it up. When I arrive the young man said he regretted my loss and assured me he did not take it. He helped me load it up and I headed home to fix it up and ready it for replacement back on my corner.

I believe that this kind of dedication is what makes a city, not just the people who live here. Chief Haralson's forward thinking style is a desperately needed breath of fresh air in a town that in fact stubbornly clutches onto a past that was more urban legend than reality. Thanks Chief... Keep up the great work.

I hope and pray you get the necessary support from city management & the "full support" of the city council to push forward some of your great ideas... like converting police and other city vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG). Many cities both small & large all over Oklahoma have already made this intelligent & bold move... Just think how much money the city could have saved since 2008, while serving as Director of Economic Development for the City, I made this very same suggestion in our weekly staff meetings? I am sure you remember this fact Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Fitzgibbon, Mrs. Francisco???? I'll bet Larry Eller does, as well as several other "former" department heads.

Conversely, how long will we continue to place unqualified and in some cases uneducated individuals in leadership positions with the responsibility of running a multi-million dollar organization and let them gamble with "our" hard earned tax dollars. Didn't we learn anything from the botched handling of Hurricane Katrina and what happens when "cronyism" takes the place of sound business practices?

So Mayor Ketcher.... What's its going to be? Your supporters are still waiting to hear your plan.

Brian Barger