Baker's Sell Out-Connecting the Dots

In the mid 90's, Baker, a councilman, supported the most tyrannical leader of our history-Joe Byrd. He fired the Marshalls, the CN Supreme Court, closed down the CN Court house with barricades, shut off the utilities, and had BIA guard against the Cherokee People. Baker even ran with Byrd in the next election. Chad Smith won the election. It took over four years for Chad Smith to get the BIA and Federal Government out of our business and renew integrity, pride, economic growth and sovereignty.

Now Baker is back running for Chief with Byrd support, and many others who fed the war in mid 90's. The Freedmen vote, in 2007 was77% for Blood as a requirement. It was contested. The Supreme Court stayed with the citizen's vote. While in wait of the new election, Joe Crittendon is acting Chief. The Freedmen recently appealed our Supreme Court decision. BIA has come in holding back HUD funds until this gets resolved. Baker threatened a lawsuit if the Supreme Court did not let Freedmen vote. Baker blamed Chad Smith for this mess, even if he is not acting Chief at this time. And the Federal Gov't stated that Freedmen can vote in this election. Essentially, the Federal Gov't stated the Supreme Court's decision of this sovereign CN is overturned.

Baker, Byrd, Leeds and Joe C. have sold us out, allowing outsiders to decide for us, just like in the mid 90's. Baker does not care or realize the value of our sovereignty. He wants HUD money back for his rentals, and votes.

We must make a stand. We must not go backwards. We must go forwards. The Bakers want in, the BIA and Feds want in, We need a leader who is intelligent, committed to sovereignty and the CN constitution. Please take notice. Please take head. Vote for Chad Smith, the Chief that is loyal to our sovereign rights and integrity.

Mary Ward, Park Hill