The Miami Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the graduation of 15 new community leaders through the Leadership Miami program. The graduates of Leadership Miami XIV includes: Ben Barnes, Stables Casino; Lezlea Crow, Advanced Business Communications; Chassie Summerlin, Miami Area Chamber; Donna White, Ottawa County Health Dept.; Donna Hale, NEO A&M College; Melanie Rollins, Blitz USA; Randy Hinds & Travis Jones, City of Miami; Nathan Manion, Osborn Drugs; Scott Kreeger, Pizza Hut; Greg Smith, Sonic-Larco Enterprise; Tara Riley, First National Bank; Angie Gleaves, Arvest Bank; Sherry Blundell, Salon 504.”

“Leadership Miami began fourteen years ago under the direction of the Miami Area Chamber of Commerce to stimulate and develop community leaders,” said Cindy Morris, President. “Leadership Miami is an educational type of training that provides recognition and networking to leaders from all walks of life. The program consisted of 10 sessions held monthly including: Orientation and Team Building, Economic Development, Government Day and Legislative Goodwill Tour, Education, Environmental, Native American History/Business, Agribusiness, Health Care, History & Future of Miami, and Team Building/Graduation.

“The Leadership Miami graduates are ready to become involved in area clubs, serve as board of directors for area organizations, serve in a political field, among other areas of involvement,” said Morris. “This group of leaders will also serve as the Leadership Miami Development Team beginning in July and prepare to raise the level of leadership education and implement the Leadership Miami XV program. The LM Class XIV graduates have selected Donna Hale, NEO A&M College, to serve as Leadership Miami President and will oversee the Leadership Miami Development Team during 2010/2011.”

The upcoming Leadership Miami XV program will begin in October 2010. There is an application and selection process that will take place during July through September. Anyone interested in finding out more about the Leadership Miami program should contact the Chamber at 918-542-4481 or via email to: