This year, weather permitting, the City of Miami plans to keep its street project going this winter.

Mike Edwards, Miami Street Department manager, Wednesday told the Miami City Council and Miami Streets Oversight Committee that the contractor will be digging some of the roads up and replacing with compaction rock this winter.

The end of each road and driveways will be ramped in with lime rock.

"This will give us a head start when spring comes so we can tight blade them and start paving," he said.

Edwards said, "We will have a lot of curb work next year. Weather permitting, we can continue to do curb work this winter."

He hopes to have four or five streets ready to go next spring with a tight grade, which means taking about one-quarter of an inch off with a grader.

Councilman Rudy Schultz asked how the Streets Oversight Committee feels about the street work that has been done so far.

Edwards said 22 streets or parts of streets targeted to be improved have been completed so far.

Committee Co-chair Marcel Walthers said the program has been "absolutely satisfactory."

However, he wants to see how much was budgeted for each street project and what the city spent on it with an explanation. Edwards said he could have that information in 1.5 weeks.

As to problems the contractors encountered, Edwards said there wasn't any problem they didn't anticipate.

As to how much has been spent on improving water and sewer lines, Edwards said they only had problems with water lines on two streets. "We've had no sewer line problems," he said.

The crack sealing contractor is currently working in the southwest part of the city, and will be working his way north, he said.

The city, he said, has spent $3,417,643.26 on street improvements in the street project as of Sept. 19.