How do you feel the Coleman Theatre is being run now and how it would operate under the city manager?

Christa Ritchie Garoutte:

Why does the City feel like they need their fingers in everything? Finish SOMETHING before starting on something new! As I drove home from my parents house on C NW, I had to drive on the other side of the road next to the Police Dept. The street there is horrible! Please leave the Coleman alone. It hasn't done anything to you!

Gene Dodson:

Would really be a disaster! Like everything else the city does! Can you remember when we were going to have streets? Have you seen them yet? Now we are getting a sports complex to nowhere. Have to have roads to get there! Better leave Coleman like it is. We have had so many bad City Managers. I just don't have any faith in that type of management!

Misty Walker:

They need to focus on the streets and bring something in this town, other than casinos, that kids can go to and have fun.

Gail Haskins Wiford:

I say leave the Coleman alone also. The city is doing all these cutbacks but they want to be involved in the Coleman. Mmmm thinking maybe our City Manager is seeing $$$.