Book Notes

New books available from the Miami Public Library include:

Age of Edison by Ernest Freeberg

A history of the culture of invention as epitomized by Thomas Edison demonstrates how America's lead in the electric light revolution of the late-nineteenth century transformed the country.

Bunker Hill: A City, a Siege, a Revolution by Nathaniel Philbrick

Philbrick recounts the events of the Boston battle that ignited the American Revolution, tracing the experiences of Patriot leader Dr. Joseph Warren, a newly recruited George Washington, and British General William Howe.

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia by Mohsin Hamid

A young, impoverished boy in an unspecified Asian nation makes his way to the top of the corporate world and recounts the twists and turns of his relationship with a beautiful woman.

Love Song of Johnny Valentine by Teddy Wayne

A bitingly satirical tale about America's obsession with fame follows the experiences of preadolescent pop idol Jonny Valentine, who hides behind his megastar success the bitterness and innocence of a child who feels manufactured by his LA label and hard-partying manager mother.

Mystery Woman by Amanda Quick

Targeted by a disabled former spy for the Crown who wrongly believes she is blackmailing his sister, Beatrice Lockwood offers her assistance in tracking down the real culprit and eventually falls for the spy only to find herself hunted by a mad scientist who would resurrect a dead lover.

Obsessed: America’s Food Addiction and Mine by Mika Brzezinski

With insights from notable people in medicine, health, business, the arts, and politics, Brzezinski breaks through the walls of silence and shame we've built around obesity and food obsession and talks openly about how our country became overweight, and what we can do to turn the corner and step firmly onto the path of health.

Schroder by Amity Gaige

Eric Schroder brings his daughter, Meadow, to Lake Champlain, Vermont, in an attempt to outrun the authorities amid a heated custody battle with his wife-- who will soon discover that her husband is not who he says he is.

Southern Cross the Dog by Bill Cheng

Convinced that he is cursed after the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, 20-year-old Robert Chatham, who, constantly followed by trouble, has lost his will to live, finally shakes his demons until he is forced to make an impossible choice.

Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud

Relegated to the status of schoolteacher and friendly neighbor after abandoning her dreams of becoming an artist, Nora advocates on behalf of a charismatic Lebanese student and is drawn into the child's family until his artist mother's careless ambition leads to a shattering betrayal.

Wool by Hugh Howey

In a future toxic landscape, a community that lives in an underground silo is rocked by the desire of Sheriff Holston, who has upheld the group's rules for years, to go outside, setting in motion events that kindle the fire of revolution.