Apple Orchard by Susan Wiggs

Set to inherit half of Bella Vista, a one hundred-acre apple orchard in a town called Archangel, along with a half-sister she’s never heard of, Tess Delaney, who makes a living restoring stolen treasures to their rightful owners, discovers a world filled with the simple pleasures of food and family.

Becoming a Supple Leopard

by Kelly Starrett

Based on the premise that dysfunctional movement patterns impede athletic performance, the author presents the construction and function of his own movement and mobility system, based on his midline stabilization and organization, one-joint rule and laws of torque movement principles, all to remedy body stiffness, prevent injuries and improve and extend athletic capabilities.

Cuckoo’s Calling

by Robert Galbraith

Working as a private investigator after losing his leg in Afghanistan, Cormoran Strike takes the case of a legendary supermodel’s suspicious suicide and finds himself in a world of multi-millionaire beauties, rock-star boyfriends, desperate designers and hedonist pursuits.

Dead Ever After

by Charlaine Harris

After learning the devastating reason why vampire hunk Eric Northman has been cooling on their relationship, clairvoyant waitress Sookie Stackhouse becomes embroiled in a shocking murder that sends all of Bon Temps reeling.

Fly Away by Kristin Hannah

Tully, Kate, and Tully’s mother, explore their understandings about love, family, loss, and redemption while turning to each other in the hopes of salvaging their lives.

Gun Guys: A Road Trip by Dan Baum

A lifelong NRA supporter presents a raucous tour of gun culture that celebrates its stores, festivals, and colorful enthusiasts while offering insight into the power and appeal of guns in America.

Harvest by Jim Crace

A remote English village wakes on the morning after harvest, looking forward to enjoying a hard-earned day of rest and feasting, but two mysterious columns of smoke mar the sky, raising alarm and suspicion.

Innocence Game Michael Harvey

After one of them receives a bloodstained scrap of shirt from a boy murdered 14 years ago and an anonymous note taking credit for the crime, three journalism graduate students attempt to discover why innocent men are being framed for murder--and who’s been doing the killing.

Leader of the Pack

by David Rosenfelt

Believing that a client whose case he lost nine years earlier is innocent, lawyer Andy Carpenter visits the man’s aging uncle, who imparts knowledge about a dangerous, secret-ruled world where the key to Andy’s client’s freedom may be found.

Waiting to be Heard

by Amanda Knox

The young exchange student whose conviction and acquittal on murder charges in Italy made headlines worldwide tells the full story of her ordeal, from the events that led to her arrest to her hard-fought battle to overcome injustice.